EMBO Workshop

Antibodies and complement : Effector functions, therapies and technologies

28 June – 01 July 2018 | Girona, Spain

About the workshop

The antibody response and the complement system are major effector arms of the immune system. Both have been involved in a plethora of pathological conditions—including autoimmunity, allergy, infections and cancer—and regulate, mainly through their receptors (FcR and CR respectively) cell activation, migration, survival but also metabolism. As the portfolio of antibody—and complement-effector function grow, high-end technological solutions are developed and novel therapeutic applications are proposed.

This EMBO Workshop will focus attention on key advances in both fields with the aim at fostering discussions between antibody experts and complement experts. Some of the critical topics to be covered include antibody & complement functions, FcR and CR, Ab glycosylation and anti-inflammatory activity, Structure-function linkage, Novel technologies, complement and antibody therapies.

This EMBO Workshop on Antibody & Complement will be a forum for leaders in the field and new investigators coming from academia, industry and research institutes to discuss where the field is going and what challenges lie ahead.


Image credits: Joost Bakker (Scicomvisuals, Amsterdam) and https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24626930


Fred Finkelman

Cincinnatti Children Hospital, OH, USA

Claudia Kemper

NIH, MD, USA and King’s College, UK

Leo James

MRC Cambridge, UK

Menna Clatworthy

MRC Cambridge, UK

Jan Luenemann

University of Zürich, Switzerland

Jörg Köhl

University of Lübeck, Germany

Andrea Tenner

University of California at Irvine, CA, USA

Adam Barb

Iowa State University, IA, USA

Gordan Lauc

GENOS, Croatia

George Georgiou

University of Texas at Austin, TX, USA

Paul Parren

University of Leiden, NL

Galit Alter

Harvard Medical School, MA, USA

Mark Cragg

University of Southampton, UK

Lynn MacDonald

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, NY, USA

Gerhard Krönke

University of Erlangen, Germany

Friederike Jönsson

Institut Pasteur, France

Stephen Beers

University of Southampton, UK

Kathrin de la Rosa (Kathrin Pieper)

Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Switzerland

Stelios Bournazos

The Rockefeller University, NY, USA

Jose Caaveiro

Kyushu University, Japan


14:00-16.00 Registration

16:10-16:20 Welcome & Introductions

Pierre Bruhns & Falk Nimmerjahn


16:20-16:55 IgG1 is an inhibitory IgG subclass

Fred Finkelman

16:55-17:10 Oral presentation 10+5’: Testing the protective effect of monoclonal anti-influenza B neuraminidase IgG, IgM and IgA antibodies in a murine challenge model

Veronika Chromikova

17:10-17:45 Human IgG2 agonists – Big doors swing on little hinges

Stephen Beers

17:45-18:00 Oral presentation 10+5’: HIV-1 envelope specific IgA triggers antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity and cooperates with IgG to increase cell lysis

Morgane Bomsel

18:00-18:35 Trim-Away: Targeted degradation of pathogens and proteins by the cytosolic antibody receptor TRIM21

Leo James

Welcome Reception

18:45 Welcome Reception – Networking

(with food & drinks)

Poster Session I

20:00-22:30 Poster Session I: # 10 (Marshall), 11 (Eyer), 14 (Chromikova), 15 (Krištić), 20 (Zaytseva) 21 (Lux), 25 (Merchand Reyes), 26 (Ganesan), 28 (Morley), 32 (Mané Damas) 40 (Conde), 43 (Wang), 48 (Sopp), 50 (Biburger), 51 (Mutti), 59 (Liu) , 63 (Losen) 72 (Castro Dopico), 73 (Strasser), 75 (Deveuve), 79 (Prasad)

(with drinks)


09:00-09:35 Novel roles of complement proteins uncover opportunities for neurotherapeutics

Andrea Tenner

09:35-09:50 Oral presentation 10+5’: Complement activation by anti-HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibodies

Jérémy Dufloo

09:50-10:05 Oral presentation 10+5’: C5a regulates natural antibody response and egress of peritoneal B1 cells

Christian Karsten

10:05-10:40 Dissecting FcR-dependent mechanisms in FcR-humanized mice

Friederike Jönsson

10:40-11:15 Coffee Break


11:15-11:50 Sweet treasures from discarded human tissue: natural killer cells specifically modify CD16a to bind antibody tightly

Adam Barb

11:50-12:05 Oral presentation 10+5’: A Revised structure of IgM pentamer, an asymmetric pentagon with an open groove that AIM protein fits in.

Toru Miyazaki

12:05-12:20 Oral presentation 10+5’: Molecular dissection of the interaction between FcγRIIIa and an allosteric Affimer inhibitor

Mark Waterhouse

12:20-12:55 Molecular recognition of IgG-Fc by Fcgamma receptors

Jose MM Caaveiro

13:00-16:20 LUNCH and free time


16:20-16:55 Systems serology

Galit Alter

16:55-17:10 Oral presentation 10+5’: Key immunomodulatory role of neutrophils in the induction of protective immunity by antiviral monoclonal antibodies

Mireia Pelegrin

17:10-17:25 Oral presentation 10+5’: Neutrophils and alveolar macrophages crosstalk during immune complex-mediated acute airway inflammation

Julien Stackowicz


17:25-18:20 Molecular mechanisms of complement activation by IgG

Paul Parren

Poster Session II

18:30-20:00 Poster Session II: # 4 (Thomann), 7 (Natali), 9 (Stach), 18 (Foy), 22 (Pelegrin), 23 (Buteyn) 27 (Polezhaeva), 29 (Miyasaki), 30 (Macari), 31 (Bakshi), 36 (Lankipalli), 38 (Strumane) 46 (Godon), 52 (Ipsen Escobedo), 54 (Schlothauer), 57 (Fernández), 58 (Mottet) 66 (Sterlin), 70 (Lee), 71 (Delidakis), 77 (Zoldos)

with drinks

20:00 Dinner


09:00-09:35 Regulation of autoantibody activity via glycosylation

Jan Luenemann

09:35-09:50 Oral presentation 10+5’: Investigation of Fc Receptor Binding and Pharmacokinetics of Distinct Fc Glycans

Marco Thomann

09:50-10:05 Oral presentation 10+5’: Restricted processing of CD16a/Fc γ receptor IIIa N-glycans from primary human NK cells impacts structure and function

Kashyap Patel

10:05-10:40 The role of the IL23/Th17 axis in the control of antibody activity and autoimmune-mediated inflammatory disease

Gerhard Kronke

10:40-11:15 Coffee Break


11:15-11:50 Novel antibodies and a new mechanism of diversification

Kathrin de la Rosa (Pieper) (EARLY CAREER SPEAKER)

11:50-12:05 Oral presentation 10+5’: Fc-Galactosylation of Human Immunoglobulin Gamma Isotypes Improves C1q Binding and Enhances Complement-Dependent Cytotoxicity

Benjamin Peschke

12:05-12:20 Oral presentation 10+5’: On-target hexamerisation of human IgG1 driven by a C-terminal fusion of a mutated IgM tail-piece for augmented complement activity

Joshua Sopp

12:20-12:55 Bi-directional cross-talk between complement and IgG Fc-glycosylation controls autoimmune responses

Jörg Köhl

13:00-16:20 Lunch & and free time


16:20-16:55 Antibody- and Complement-humanized mice

Lynn MacDonald

16:55-17:20 Oral presentation TECHNOLOGY 20+5’: DropMap – a technology for high-throughput single-cell deep phenotyping of immunoglobulin G secreting cells


17:20-17:35 Oral presentation 10+5’: Characterizing autoantibody-producing cells in thrombocytopenic patients for secretion rate and affinity for a platelet autoantigen

Pablo Canales Herrerias

17:35-17:50 Oral presentation TECHNOLOGY 10+5’: Initiating the Classical Pathway: IgG recruitment, Hexamerization, and C1q binding in Real-Time

Johannes Preiner

17:50-18:20 Coffee Break

18:20-18:45 In vivo analysis of anti-CD20 IgG induced B cell depletion in humanized mice (20+5’)


18:45-19:05 IgG glycome composition is associated with biological age (15+5’)



19:05-20:00 Antibody repertoire technologies

George Georgiou

20:15 Dinner & entertainment at the Hotel


09:00-09:35 Manipulating Fc receptors for improved immunotherapy

Mark Cragg

09:35-09:50 Oral presentation 10+5’: Accelerated clearance of cell free HIV by neutralizing antibodies is via an FcγRIIb-mediated effector function of liver sinusoidal endothelial cells

Latha Prabha Ganesan

09:50-10:05 Oral presentation 10+5’: Re-evaluating human IgG subclass efficacy for tumor clearance in vivo

Bianca Balbino

10:05-10:40 IgG and FcyR play a pivotal role in intestinal immunity

Menna Clatworthy

10:40-10:55 Short Coffee Break


10:55-11:30 FcR-mediated anti-viral and anti-toxin effects

Stelios Bournazos

11:30-11:45 Oral presentation 10+5’: Testing human Fc-FcүR contributions to agonistic antibodies in a humanized mouse model system

Andrea Ipsen Escobedo

Closing Comments & PRIZES

11:45-11:55 Chairs Closing Comments & PRIZES

Pierre Bruhns & Falk Nimmerjahn

12:00 1st Bus Departure

12:30 LUNCH

15:00 PM 2nd Bus Departure



650 €


800 €


1000 €


300 €
Registration includes:
  • Registration
  • Single (academic, industry) or double occupancy (students/post-docs) for 3 nights at the 4* hotel venue
  • All meals & coffee breaks, drinks during poster sessions
  • Guest registration includes accommodation (shared with the primary registrant), food and coffee breaks, but does not include participation in the workshop program


Abstracts are reviewed and selected by the workshop organizers based solely on the quality of content. Organizers may also select some abstracts for a short oral presentation at the workshop. All abstracts are assigned a poster number for presentation during a poster session at the meeting.

19 short-talks will be chosen from the selected abstracts by session chairs for oral presentations (7, 10 or 15 minutes depending on the session).


Exclude email addresses, phone numbers, hyperlinks, keyword lists, comments, text or image boxes.

2200 characters including spaces. Also includes title, authors, affiliations, references and funding.

One abstract per submitting author per meeting. Submitting author and account name must match. Submitting author must be underlined.


Each poster will have 1 m by 1 m (3.3 ft by 3.3 ft) of space available for display.


Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors (EMBOEFISAntibodiesComplement TechnologyBiolegend) 18 travel grants have been attributed to participants by the selection committee:

Travel Grant Awardees

Title First name Last name Country Travel Grant Financial Support
Mr. Jérémy Dufloo France 650 € EFIS
Ms. Eleanor Foy United Kingdom 500 € EFIS
Dr. Latha Prabha Ganesan United States 500 € Antibodies
Ms. Andrea Ipsen Escobedo Germany 650 € EFIS
Mrs. Swetha Lankipalli India 1.000 € EMBO
Ms. Rena Liu United Kingdom 500 € EMBO
Ms. Sofia Macari United Kingdom 500 € EFIS
Ms. Marina Mané Damas Netherlands 500 € EFIS
Mr. Michael Marshall United Kingdom 500 € CompTech
Mr. Eriberto Natali Italy 500 € EMBO
Mr. Kashyap Patel United States 500 € Biolegend
Mr. Benjamin Peschke Switzerland 500 € CompTech
Dr. Marija Pezer Croatia 600 € EFIS
Mrs. Olga Polezhaeva Russia 650 € EFIS
Mr. Joshua Sopp United Kingdom 650 € EFIS
Mr. Julien Stackowicz France 650 € EFIS
Mr. Mark Waterhouse United Kingdom 650 € EFIS
Dr. Olga Zaitseva Croatia 500 € EMBO


Jury : Pr Galit Alter (USA), Pr Jose Caaveiro (Japan), Pr Menna Clatworthy (UK), Pr Mark Cragg (UK), Pr Fred Finkelmann (Israel),

Pr Andrea Tenner (USA).

Oral presentation Dr Mark Waterhouse (UK) 250€

Dr Klaus Eyer (France) 250€

Poster presentation Mr Georgios Delidakis (USA) 150€

Dr Guillaume Mottet (France) 150€


The organisers have enabled online credit card payments through PayPal. Please see the Payments section, above, for details.

Click below to begin online payment.


Pierre Bruhns

Email: bruhns@pasteur.fr


Pierre BRUHNS 

Institut Pasteur, France

Falk Nimmerjahn

University of Erlangen, Germany


Eden Roc

Punta Port Salvi s/n

Sant Feliu de Guixols

17220, Girona, Spain


Students/post-docs registration: 2 person room sharing

Academic/Industry registration: single room

Superior Double Rooms have terraces with sea view, bathroom, hair dryer, toilet, satellite-TV, minibar, safe, direct-dial telephone and central heating.


Outside pools

2 Restaurants: abundant barbecue buffet at noon and in the evenings a buffet with selected specialties of the region.

Comfortable lounges, elegant living rooms, 2 bars, bridge and billiards room.


The venue is located near Girona-Costa Brava Airport.

Transportation from Barcelona and Girona airports will be arranged if attendance to the meeting is sufficiently high (buses would be departing from both airports at times will we indicate closer to the meeting dates). We ask the confirmed participants to inform our secretary about their arrival airport and time.

In the event that buses can be arranged, the bus will be waiting on the ground floor of terminal 1, with a sign stating the name of the meeting. We cannot know in advance which platform the bus will be parked at, but the driver will be waiting for you.


The Eden Roc Hotel is located only 1 km away from Sant Feliu de Guixols, in a unique and quiet peninsula. The clear Mediterranean sea surrounds the 360 meter wide Eden Roc Resort.



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